Supporting Survivors, Protecting Communities

Callisto is a trauma-informed sexual assault recording and reporting website designed to give survivors ownership over their reporting experience and identify repeat perpetrators, ultimately improving the safety and wellbeing of students.

Callisto was made possible thanks to philanthropic contributions from, NoVo Foundation, Levi Strauss Foundation, and New York Women’s Foundation. More than 600 individuals have contributed to Callisto. Callisto is a project of the 501c3 nonprofit organization Sexual Health Innovations.

Your contribution to Callisto will help us to create systemic change in the ways that survivors are supported and create a world where sexual assault is rare and unacceptable.

“It was hard to imagine coming forward in an immediately public way, but to start by chronicling what had occurred would have been a helpful and important first step.” - Male survivor, 29

How It Works

Empowering Students to Report

Students can:

Save time-stamped records of an assault

Report electronically to the Title IX Coordinator

Report only if another student names the same perpetrator (Matching)

Why it's needed:

Survivors wait an average of 11 months to report their assault to authorities

Less than 10% of survivors will ever report their assault

Up to 90% of assaults are committed by repeat offenders

Research estimates that if repeat offenders could be stopped after their second incident, 59% of college rapes could be prevented.

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"I need a safe jumping off point; people need to know who this person is, but I can't jeopardize my own safety. I see no reason why Callisto should not be on EVERY college campus....This is an incredible tool you've created, to address a very real problem."- Male survivor, 26


Enabling Institutions to Act

Callisto partners with colleges and universities to provide a campus-specific platform for student survivors to make detailed, high-quality reports and connect to existing on- and off-campus resources.

In 2015-2016 Callisto was made available at the University of San Francisco and Pomona College. If you are interested in bringing Callisto to your institution, contact us to schedule a call - we’d love to discuss how Callisto can support your campus!

Callisto aims to enable institutions by:

Callisto is FERPA compliant and complies with Section 508 accessibility standards. Contact us to learn more.

“So many of the ideas you discussed [when describing Callisto] would have made my experience easier to deal with. The problems with reporting were too many for me (especially since it was an acquaintance). Social pressure, shame, fear, confusion on what legal action would mean or if I would succeed--all of those things stopped me and I still wonder what I actions I could or 'should' have taken.” - Female survivor, 25

Our Approach

Technological Solutions for Transformative Social Change

Callisto values:

What makes our approach unique:

“[I would have used Callisto if it had been available] because it would've kept my options open while giving me time to process how I wanted to proceed.” – Anonymous survivor

The Team

Callisto is a project of the 501(c)3 non-profit Sexual Health Innovations. Sexual Health Innovations is dedicated to creating technology that advances sexual health and wellbeing in the United States. The non-profit has successfully created multiple websites dealing with sensitive issues in sexual health and wellbeing, such as the STD partner notification website So They Can Know.

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Technology Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board

“I was raped during the first week of my freshman year, and I can't even count the number of people I know who have been sexually assaulted during their college career. I wish there would've been more education about sexual assault in general as well as reporting options and support services.” – Anonymous survivor


Why is saving a record so important? / Why help students save a record if they don’t want to report?
Callisto’s Write it Down form invites survivors to fill in details of the incident broken down into four categories: When, Where, What, and Who. The questions are designed to help students process what happened and include details that will be important if they choose to report without being re-traumatizing. All questions are optional and can be answered in any order to leave the control of the story in the hands of the student. Write it Down was developed in collaboration with psychologists and experts in sexual violence and modeled after aspects of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview.

Why is Callisto a website and not an app? Can Callisto be accessed on phones or tablets?
A mobile application is something that must be downloaded onto a phone. Research with college survivors indicated that they would be hesitant to have an app on their phone that could be seen by others or potentially tracked on their phone usage plan. Students also indicated that they were more likely to use Callisto on their computers in the privacy of their own room. However, Callisto is optimized for use on mobile devices.

What data are provided to the administration?
Callisto will provide campuses with aggregate statistics to gain insight into the campus climate. Reports may include, but are not limited to, time and location of assault, the involvement of drugs or alcohol, and the gender and class year of the perpetrator and survivor. The specific data points collected and shared will likely vary by institution. These data can help identify trends in reporting and perpetration to help schools connect more survivors to resources and focus prevention efforts on students who have the highest risk of perpetrating sexual assault.

How does Callisto ensure data security?
Callisto prioritizes data security through:

“Based upon a survey I conducted at my university, most women do not report because they do not feel safe reporting. They face social reprisals for reporting and those reprisals feel worse to them than suffering in silence. To provide a way for women to report a name, so that if it happens to someone else a red flag will be raised, would be an enormous service. It would be a service in society at large, not just on college campuses.” – Female, 24


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“A number of my friends experienced sexual assault when they were in school. Reporting it to the appropriate authorities was tremendously challenging and they almost always waited too long due to a number of fears. A tool like this could provide tremendous benefit to people like them.” – Male, 29

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