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Callisto is a non-profit that creates technology to detect repeat sexual assailants.

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The Problem

Sexual assault is far too common and often never reported. The process of reporting can feel isolating—or worse, retraumatizing. Reporting also comes with its own set of personal and professional risks.

Callisto changes the equation. Our technology empowers survivors, providing options and allowing disclosure in a way that feels safe. Our unique matching system securely connects victims of the same perpetrator to identify repeat offenders.

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Our Solution

Callisto has built a secure online repeat sexual offender detection system, the first of its kind.


Callisto Campus

Callisto Campus is designed to detect repeat perpetrators and empower victims to make the reporting decision that feels right for them.

Our flagship online system, Callisto Campus, provides survivors with three options:


Download a template so you can create a record of what happened to save on your personal devices, in case you ever want to report.


Enter your perpetrator into Matching to help identify repeat offenders and protect your school community.


Learn about your reporting options, definitions of sexual misconduct and assault, and support services near you.



Callisto is developing a new product and offering, enabling us to serve more survivors and detect serial perpetrators across many institutions.

This new product combines the best of Callisto Campus with our lessons learned from the Callisto Expansion pilot.


Under the Callisto "Matching Escrow," victims input the identity of their perpetrators under the precondition that, if a match is found, a Callisto Legal Options Counselor will reach out to each victim individually.

Options Counseling

A Callisto Legal Options Counselor advises victims on their choices following a match, including reporting—only if this is the right route for them.
This new product combines the best of Callisto Campus with our lessons learned from the Callisto Expansion pilot.

Callisto depends on your philanthropic contributions for our continued success. Donate today and support us as we work to combat sexual assault and coercion across institutions and industries.


Our Impact

  • 6X


    Sexual assault survivors who visited their school’s Callisto Campus website were six times more likely to report their assault to their school or the police than survivors who did not.

  • 15%


    Since 2015, 10% of records in the matching escrow system have matched. This means that Callisto has identified serial perpetrators in 10% of matching records since our launch. In school year 2017-2018, 15% of records entered into the matching escrow were matched.

  • 3X


    On average, students using Callisto are three times more likely to seek out medical and emotional support services.

Our Supporters

Callisto appreciates our generous community of donors and volunteers who make our work possible.

Our funders include, Y Combinator, Greylock Partners, The Skoll Foundation, The New York State Health Foundation, The New York Women's Foundation, The Levi Strauss Foundation, NoVo Foundation, The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, PIMCO Foundation, Fast Forward, The Harnisch Foundation, and many others.

Over 600 individual donors also contribute to Callisto. Many donors are survivors themselves, or they are allies who share our vision of a world where sexual assault is rare and survivors are supported.

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