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We create technology to combat sexual assault, empower survivors, and advance justice.

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The Problem

As we’ve seen from #MeToo, sexual harassment and assault are far too common and often never reported. Many sexual perpetrators are repeat offenders, but it is hard for victims to learn whether or not they’re the only one. Knowing that you’re not alone tends to change a lot - the way you frame your experience, your motivation to take action, the probability that taking action will lead to risk for yourself or protection for your community.

It’s time that we change the equation - by giving victims the options and information and support they need, by allowing them to disclose in their own time and in their own way, and by safely connecting victims of the same perpetrator together to validate each other’s experience and take action. We believe that by empowering victims of sexual harassment and assault, we can support their wellbeing and change the culture of sexual violence that has persisted for far too long.

Our Solution

Callisto is a non-profit organization that develops technology to combat sexual assault and harassment. Our online systems are designed to detect repeat perpetrators and to empower victims to make the reporting (or not reporting) decision right for them.

Our flagship online system, Callisto Campus, provides three options:


Save time-stamped written records of a sexual assault


Report if another victim names the same perpetrator


Report electronically to campus authorities

Callisto Campus provides survivors with a confidential and secure way to create a time-stamped record of an assault and report electronically to campus authorities. The matching system is the first of its kind to allow survivors to take action upon the detection of repeat offenders.

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Callisto is considering expanding to address sexual assault and harassment in professional institutions and industries. This expansion is contingent on philanthropic support.


Our Impact

  • 5X


    Sexual assault survivors who visited their school’s Callisto Campus website were 5 times more likely to report their assault than survivors who did not.

  • 15%


    15% of sexual assault survivors who opted into our matching system have been assaulted by the same perpetrator as another survivor in the system.

  • 3X


    On average, survivors using Callisto Campus report almost three times faster than the national average (4 months versus 11 months).

Our Supporters

Callisto has an incredible community of donors and volunteers who make our work possible. Our funders include:, The New York State Health Foundation, The New York Women's Foundation, The Levi Strauss Foundation, NoVo Foundation, The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, PIMCO Foundation, Fast Forward, The Harnisch Foundation, and many others.

We are also supported by over 600 individual donors — many of whom are survivors or allies who share our vision of a world where survivors are supported and sexual violence is rare. Callisto is indebted to the survivors who have offered their time, energy, and feedback as we developed our tool. Their insights have made the reporting system stronger and continue to inspire us to go forward.

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