Who We Are

We are engineers, designers, legal experts, researchers, and educators—united in our desire to create a world where sexual assault and coercion are rare and survivors are supported.

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Our History

In November 2011, Callisto CEO Jess Ladd founded Sexual Health Innovations (SHI) while she was a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University. SHI was founded with the goal of creating technology to advance sexual health and wellbeing in the United States.

Callisto Campus, originally a project of SHI, launched in August 2015 at the University of San Francisco and at Pomona College. Callisto’s successful pilot and a growing demand for the system both within and outside of college settings led SHI to focus and rebrand as Callisto in the summer of 2016. Callisto's mission became to combat sexual assault, support survivors, and advance justice.

In 2018, Callisto expanded beyond college campuses to support professional industries. Callisto Expansion allows individuals who have experienced sexual assault or professional sexual coercion in a workplace environment to securely create an encrypted entry of their incident into our matching system.

Our Team


  • Stef Angeles: Senior Product Designer
  • Lauren Bean: Executive Coordinator
  • Eve Chaurand: General Counsel
  • Sara Dam: Director of Campus Partner Success
  • Ellie Dehghan: Director of Legal Options Counseling
  • Robin Dutton-Cookston: Senior Content Strategist
  • Ali Ferlazzo: Recruiting Coordinator
  • Libby Furrow: Development Officer
  • Jess Ladd: Founder & CEO
  • Lisa Marie Maginnis: Senior Software Engineer
  • Gino Oddone: Front-end Software Engineer
  • Nathan Olson : Head of People & Operations
  • Anjana Rajan: Chief Technology Officer


  • Ian Ayres, Yale Law School
  • Lynn Barclay, American Sexual Health Association
  • Jim Fruchterman, Benetech
  • Charlotte Gaydos, Johns Hopkins University
  • Jess Ladd, Callisto
  • Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood


  • Jennifer Freyd, University of Oregon
  • Katy Holland, University of Michigan
  • Jim Hopper, Independent Consultant, Harvard Medical School
  • Peter Novak, University of San Francisco
  • Sharyn Potter, Prevention Innovations at University of New Hampshire
  • Veronica Rabelo, University of Michigan
  • Jane Stapleton, Prevention Innovations at University of New Hampshire


  • Dana Bolger, Know Your IX
  • Alexandra Brodsky, Know Your IX
  • Annie Clark, End Rape On Campus (EROC)
  • Lonna Davis, Futures Without Violence
  • Caroline Heldman, Faculty Against Rape
  • Emily May, Hollaback
  • Laura Palumbo, National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)
  • Ali Safran, Surviving in Numbers


  • David Archer, Galois
  • Dan Boneh, Stanford University
  • Tancrède Lepoint, Google
  • Mayank Varia, Boston University


  • Eva Galperin, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Justin Kosslyn, Jigsaw
  • Jason Reich, BuzzFeed
  • Ian Reto, The Network


  • Sina Bahram, Prime Access Consulting, Inc
  • Don Neufeld, ClassPass
  • Molly Clare Wilson, Stanford d.school, Hasso-Plattner-Institut School of Design Thinking, Sliced Bread Design