The Callisto Partnership

Callisto Campuses provide their students with alternate reporting options through a trauma-informed website that presents straightforward information about school policies and support resources, empowering survivors to make the choices that are best for them. Learn more in How It Works.

Callisto provides its partners with a securely hosted website that includes customized content, assessment and evaluation, materials to engage the campus community, and active partner support.

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Say we have 100 survivors on campus, there’s probably 80 different preferences for how they report their assault. Prior to Callisto, we had one option for all of them—and that was to come and talk to an administrator.
― Callisto Campus Administrator

The Impact

Low reporting rates and delayed reports that lack detail and evidence make it extremely difficult for campuses to investigate sexual assault and hold perpetrators accountable. Callisto empowers students to report the incident and the perpetrator, enabling schools to take action and show that sexual assault is not acceptable.

Data from Callisto made me consider how I could time outreach and education to combat seasonal upticks.
― Callisto Campus Administrator

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